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The Digitrans team of experts shares the vision and enthusiasm for a better and sustainable future of autonomous traffic and transport.

Together with our national and international partners, we provide know-how and test infrastructure and support the testing, validation, research and implementation of autonomous commercial and transport vehicles and their various applications in modern transport systems. The focus is on automated and autonomous vehicles and mobility systems in the field of municipal services, logistics and heavy goods traffic.

Drone flight over the proving ground in St. Valentin

Follow us on a drone flight over the test area for automated driving in St. Valentin, Lower Austria


We are active in the following areas of autonomous transport

Unsere Kompetenzfelder im Bereich des autonomen Transportes

  • Edge case analyses of autonomous vehicles on public transport routes. Among other things, on our test fields for autonomous driving on the A1 and A7 motorways in Upper Austria
  • Edge case analyses of autonomous vehicles directly on our test track (Proving Ground) in St. Valentin, Austria.
  • Instruction of special driving skills (controlling an autonomous vehicle or utility or transport vehicle)
  • Safety driver driver certification (from 2021): Acceptance of tests on our test site in St. Valentin
  • Provision of autonomous test vehicles
  • Providing a certified safety driver for individual deployment projects in the field of driverless transport and mobility systems.
  • Construction and rental of a test track (proving ground) for autonomous driving in St. Valentin. Focus on autonomous transport vehicles and commercial vehicles as well as driverless transport systems
  • Development of test infrastructure (C-ITS communication V2X) for testing autonomous vehicles and transport vehicles as well as autonomous transport systems on public transport routes in Upper Austria (test fields: A1 / A7, Ennshafen, Linz Airport, Wels cycle path)
  • Application of the acquired know-how in the field of deployment of autonomous transport systems and autonomous commercial vehicles for logistics and transport companies of the future
  • Competence development for testing autonomous vehicles and driverless transport vehicles under adverse weather and road conditions
  • Development and construction of the necessary test infrastructure (rain system, wind system)
  • Recording of data to compare the performance of autonomous vehicle technologies with different road and weather conditions on test fields and public transport routes in Austria
  • Provision of vehicle data for further simulations of traffic scenarios in difficult weather and road conditions
  • Analysis and testing of HMI (Human, Machine Interface) interfaces on the test track, on test fields and in the deployment of driverless transport systems and autonomous commercial vehicles
  • Testing the acceptance of autonomous vehicle technologies in the area of ​​mixed traffic with conventional vehicles and other road users (vulnerable road users)
  • Research, development and innovation projects on the topic of autonomous and sustainable transport of the future
  • Profitability and sustainability analyses of different autonomous mobility and transport systems
  • Consulting and implementation (deployment) of autonomous transport and commercial vehicles as well as complex autonomous transport systems to increase the sustainability of future transport systems (e.g. Hub-to-Hub, platooning, last mile or municipal services)
  • Different calculation models and simulations to illustrate savings and sustainability potential (see Aeroptimizer project)
Customer Voices

What customers say about us

BRP-Rotax GmbH & Co KG Marcus Bähr
Director Value Chain Planning

Thanks to the successful cooperation with the experts from Digitrans, we were able to expand our network on the subject of autonomous transport and thus set the right course for modern and autonomous multi-mobility.

AustriaTech DI Wolfram Klar
Automation & Traffic Safety

The Austrian test environment Digitrans enables testing of automated driving functions under various infrastructural conditions. In this way, Digitrans is making a significant contribution to further advancing our goal, namely the establishment of an integrated and automated mobility system.

Hödlmayr International AG Prok. Mag. Markus Formann
Authorized Officer

Digitrans helped us understand truck platooning as a future-proof and sustainable solution in good time. With a lot of commitment, a calculation model was created for the first time with the “Aeroptimizer”, which shows us the effectiveness of platooning for special vehicles.

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