Digitrans eVAN

Automated research vehicle: Digitrans eVAN innovation laboratory

One of the most modern research and test vehicles for automated driving in Austria was approved as part of the 18th Mobility of the Future call by the FFG. The highly automated vehicle with open interfaces is intended to become a cross-border research platform and attract new collaborations and projects to Austria.

Until now, it has been extremely difficult for players from the mobility sector in Austria to gain access to a roadworthy, automated test vehicle that can be used openly and is embedded in the Austrian transport system.

This is now set to change with the DigiTrans GmbH test vehicle, which has the illustrious name “eVAN”. The innovative research vehicle will now make it easier to test concepts for automated goods and passenger transportation in practical use cases in Austria. In this way, we want to promote and advance the further development and research of mobility system innovations in Austria.

The Digitrans eVAN innovation lab is funded by:

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Total project volume: 2 million euros

Federal funding: 1 million euros

Funding bodies:

Project partner:

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Project objectives of the eVAN test vehicle

  • Further development of AD and ADAS systems
  • Implementation of use cases in passenger and freight transportation
  • Provision of test data
  • Communication between vehicles and infrastructure
  • Research and further development of mobility system innovations
  • Safe automated traffic circle driving in fleets and mixed traffic

Areas of application of the automated test vehicle eVAN

Areas of application and use cases

City and country road

Company premises

Airport / port

Proving ground

Automated shuttle for passenger transportation

The Digitrans eVAN can be used to carry out use cases in the field of passenger transportation on urban and rural roads. Automated last-mile services in local public transport can be tested and researched.

Research and test vehicle

For science and research, the Digitrans eVAN offers an open research platform to which they can efficiently and modularly dock their developments in the field of mobility of the future.

Highlights of the eVAN

State-of-the-art automation

• Scenario competence
• Dynamic path planning
• Manual operation possible

Modular development platform

• Open interfaces
• Replacement of individual elements without affecting the overall functionality

Communication and data exchange

• Fleet management support
• 5G/C-ITS (C2X Communication)
• Provision/exchange of test data

Project partner:

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Impressions of the test track in St. Valentin

Impressions of the test center in St. Valentin, Lower Austria

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Digitrans Office

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Test track (proving ground) St. Valentin

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