Functional use cases at intersections

Functional use cases and test scenarios for automated vehicles and commercial vehicles at unregulated intersections

To test functional use cases of autonomous vehicles and commercial vehicles, a controlled intersection with 4 junction arms and an uncontrolled intersection with 3 junction arms is implemented on the test track in St. Valentin.

For the crossing area with controlled C-ITS traffic lights, 18 functional test cases are provisionally planned on the test track in St. Valentin. These result in over 195 concrete traffic scenarios due to different speeds and obstacles. Communication V2I is also to be tested in different variants.

Functional use case 1: intersection scenario without traffic light control

Use-Case 1 shows a traffic scenario on an uncontrolled intersection (90°). Vehicle 1 (car) drives straight ahead. Vehicle 2 (van) approaching and turning left is automated. A pedestrian (center of the picture) passes the crosswalk on the street into which the turning (transporter) is entering. The automated vehicle 2 (transporter) detects the oncoming vehicle 1 (car) and lets it pass and brakes to let the pedestrian cross.

Other planned use cases and test scenarios on the test track in St. Valentin:

  • Turn scenarios
  • Obstacle detection
  • Crossing obstacles such as pedestrians, cyclists, motorcycles and much more, crossing scenarios in every form
  • Two-way traffic scenarios

The crossings will be developed according to the guidelines of the research society “Straße – Schiene – Verkehr” (“Road – Rail – Traffic”) and the RVS (Richtlinien und Vorschriften für das Straßenwesen, guidelines and regulations for roads). With the traffic light system, C-ITS communications between vehicle and infrastructure can be tested on our test track in St. Valentin.

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