Test track for
autonomous driving
in St. Valentin

Test track (Proving Ground) for autonomous
driving in St. Valentin, Austria

The test track for autonomous driving in St. Valentin in Austria is specially designed for developers and users who want to test driving functions in autonomous vehicles and commercial vehicles. The focus is on testing a wide variety of traffic and logistics scenarios in poor weather and road conditions.

The classic test elements such as asphalt stretches with different ground markings, rough roads, twisting paths, off-road terrain, different gradients and circular paths will be expanded by further important ODD elements and the necessary digital infrastructure (C-ITS / 5G) by 2021. In total, around 7 zones for testing autonomous vehicles and transport vehicles will be available on the test track for autonomous driving in St. Valentin by the end of 2022.

Zones and test elements on the test track in St. Valentin

Overview test track

Teststrecke Digitrans Overview
Teststrecke Digitrans Overview
Inspektions Gebäude Luftaufnahme

Inspection area

  • Office building
  • Test bench
  • Inspection hall
  • Event location
Digittrans Driving Dynamics TRack

Driving dynamics track (2021)

  • 600m x 20.8m 
  • A total of up to 6 lanes
unterschiedliche Wassertropfen

Outdoor rain plant (2022)

  • Natural rain
  • Different drop sizes
Kreuzung mit 4 Knotenpunktarmen

Crossing with C-ITS traffic lights (2021)

  • 4 junction arms
  • C-ITS traffic lights
Kreisverkehr mit 2 Fahrzeugen

Roundabout (2021)

  • Diameter: 28m
  • 4 junctions, each 7m wide
  • LED street lights

Hub Zone (2022)

  • different maneuvering areas
  • adjustable ramps and entrance gates

City Zone (2022)

  • 250m network of trails
  • Sidewalks and bike paths
  • Different banquets
  • Floor markings and traffic signs

Details test track for autonomous driving (Proving Ground)

Zones and track details

  • A total of 2200m asphalt route for different scenarios
  • 940m straight asphalt track for acceleration tests
  • different curves and radii
  • Circular path with 88m diameter
  • Integrated noise measuring station (ISO 362-1)
  • Different road markings
  • 7.2 km off-road gravel road
  • Mud track
  • Fortified steep slope (40% / 60%)
  • Gravel pits
  • Traction plates (sliding plates)
  • fording basin up to 1.8m (NATO)
  • Twist paths (300mm / 400mm)
  • Rough road with potholes
  • Washboard
  • Sleepers: 200mm and 250mm / 150mm, 155mm trapezoid
  • Office building
  • Test bench
  • Inspection hall
  • Event location
  • 350m x 20,8m by the end of 2020 / 600m x 20,8m by 2021
  • 6 lanes
  • Highly digitized infrastructure: C-ITS and 5G network coverage
  • Infrastructure equipment for various ISAD levels
  • Kamara / LIDAR
  • Planned tests along the route:
    lane change, lane, reeving, veering out, overtaking, lane rejuvenation (zipper system), motorway entrances and exits, column traffic and obstacle detection

LED street lights with up to 72 LEDs for extremely wide streets.

  • M1-M6, length: 320m
  • Luminous flux of the luminaire: 15 597 lm
  • Luminous efficacy: 147.1 lm / W
  • Lighting for EURO NCAP tests

image: Freepik.com


For testing functional test use cases of autonomous vehicles

  • Arch radius: 55m
  • Regulated street crossing with 4 junction arms (C-ITS traffic light switching)
  • Unregulated intersection with 3 junction arms
  • NCAP-compliant crossing
  • Traffic signs and floor markings

Built according to the regulations and guidelines of the research company “Road – Rail – Traffic” and the RVS (guidelines and regulations for roads) for testing a wide variety of traffic scenarios for autonomous vehicles and driverless commercial vehicles.

  • Roundabout with 4 junctions, each 7m wide
  • Different confluence angles
  • Roundabout diameter: 28m
  • Two lanes each 5m wide
  • Equipped with 5 state-of-the-art LED street lights

Testing of modern and driverless vehicle technologies under adverse weather conditions.

  • Length: 100 x 6m
  • Generation of natural rain
  • Control of droplet distribution, droplet size and amount of precipitation
  • Up to 2700m² of maneuvering areas and loading and unloading zones
  • adjustable ramps and entrance gates
  • Testing of automated logistics activities
  • Loading and unloading of trucks and delivery vans
  • City traffic zone with 250m network of paths
  • Simulation of buildings with dummies
  • Different banquets
  • Integrated footpaths and bike paths
  • Floor markings and traffic signs

Funding of the expansion of the test track in St. Valentin

The expansion of the test track is largely financed by the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRE) and additionally supported by the ecoplus business agency of the province of Lower Austria. Further information to EFRE is available on www.efre.gv.at

Future highlights

In the future, the test track for autonomous driving in Austria will be able to generate different amounts of precipitation and droplet sizes with an outdoor irrigation system. In a city zone, traffic scenarios from the urban environment and scenarios at an intersection with intelligent traffic light switching can be simulated in real-life tests. To test Hub2Hub scenarios, a hub zone is integrated so that different automated docking maneuvers with trucks and delivery vans can be simulated and tested.

5G / C-ITS test field

5G / C-ITS test field

Highly digitized infrastructure for testing automated and networked vehicle technologies

Hub Zone

Hub Zone

  • Testing of automated logistics tasks
  • Maneuvering areas and loading and unloading zones
  • Adjustable ramps and entrance gates

Large coverage of real traffic scenarios

Large coverage of real traffic scenarios

  • Intersection with C-ITS traffic light control
  • City area (City Zone)
  • Driving dynamics area (6 lanes on 20m x 600m)
  • Illuminated roundabout

different weather conditions

different weather conditions

  • Outdoor sprinkler system
  • Control of different droplet sizes
  • Intelligent LED lighting system
  • Generation of light-shadow changes
0 ha
Test area
0 km
Asphalt track
0 km
Offroad terrain
ODD elements

Impressions of the test track (Proving Ground) in St. Valentin

Selection of test scenarios on the test track (Proving Ground) in St. Valentin

Possible test scenarios:

Large number of different reproducible test scenarios for autonomous vehicles under real traffic conditions. For example, on regulated and unregulated intersections, roundabouts, city traffic zones with different lane markings and traffic signs.

Review and comparison of autonomous vehicle technologies (RADAR, Camera, LiDAR, LDA) under difficult road and weather conditions (ADAS tests). For example, in the case of precipitation, wet roads, poor visibility or road damage and poorly visible road markings.

Testing of automated docking maneuvers on different ramp heights, as well as a large number of loading and unloading activities with various automated transport and logistics vehicles on the integrated hub zone.

ADAS test scenarios for the evaluation of the security category by Euro NCAP. Among other things, Automatic Cruise Control (ACC) and Lane Keeping Assistant (LKA) can be tested to assess the safety of occupants and pedestrians.

  • Edge case analyzes of autonomous vehicles
  • To provide data for simulations of different traffic scenarios with autonomous vehicles
  • Exterior noise measurements according to ISO 362-1
  • EU Regulation 540-2014 (2007/46 / EG)
  • Power supply 220V / 50Hz

Testing the fatigue strength of vehicles and vehicle components on asphalt roads, poor roads and off-road routes with syntactic obstacles as well as testing the durability of construction vehicles, trucks and heavy-duty vehicles.

Stress tests of a wide variety of vehicle types in the off-road area. For example on rough roads with a wide variety of obstacles, gravel roads and muddy roads. In addition, a wading basin up to 1.8 m deep is available for testing the internal and external vehicle sealing.

Different torsion paths as well as torsion and parallel obstacles at different heights for functional testing of the suspension, frame, chassis, driver’s cab and driver’s seat.

Test track folder 2020/2021

Additional test track services

72h special cancellation

If you have to cancel due to Corona restrictions, you can cancel without any problems and free of charge up to 72 hours in advance.

Truck rental

Test sensors and software with real commercial vehicles. Different truck sizes are available for this purpose.

Planning and consulting

We analyze and evaluate your test scenario individually and work with you to plan all the important steps leading to the perfect test result.

Individual test design

We develop customized test concepts and select the right partners, technologies, vehicles and traffic scenarios based on your requirements.

Test implementation / test driver

You can have test drivers carry out parts or entire test scenarios. We take care of planning, organization and implementation.

On-site support

We are happy to support you with test engineers and accident analysis experts directly on site on our test track for autonomous driving in St. Valentin.

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