Digitrans eVAN – automated test vehicle level 4

Discover our automated test vehicle - the Digitrans eVAN

The Digitrans eVAN is a converted VW eCrafter with an electric motor. The test vehicle can be used both as a passenger and goods transporter. In principle, it offers space for up to six passengers. It is capable of both automated and manual driving, and it is possible to switch between the two operating modes at any time.

It is equipped with the latest technology and is at the forefront of automation levels, as it is already able to drive the majority of its journey independently.

Highlights of the test vehicle

  • SAE Level 4 Automation
  • Dynamic path planning
  • 100 % electric
  • Modular development platform

Typical use cases of the eVAN

Thanks to its modern equipment such as 8 radar sensors, 6 LiDAR sensors and 4 surround view cameras, the vehicle can detect objects in its surroundings. While radar is particularly robust and suitable for long distances and poor weather conditions, lidar is characterized by its high precision and ability to create detailed 3D images of the surroundings. The choice between radar and lidar depends heavily on the specific requirements of the application in question. The technologies have been combined in order to make optimum use of the strengths of both systems.

Further special features:

  • Drive-by-wire interface
  • Supports 5G
  • C-ITS communication (C2X) with on-board units
  • Multi-sensor RTK with GNSS and IMU – precise positioning

The sub-functions of the eVAN

The eVAN is suitable for day and night operation.

The vehicle is able to enter, stop and leave stops independently.

Ensures precise positioning.

“V2X” stands for “vehicle-to-everything” and describes real-time communication between the vehicle and another communication partner in the vicinity. This could be a traffic light, for example.

Funded as part of the 18th Mobility of the Future call by the FFG, the automated test vehicle “Digitrans eVAN” is the result of innovative research. The original VW e-Crafter was upgraded to become one of the most modern automated test vehicles in Austria.

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Project partner:

Further information:

  • Project duration: 2.5 years
  • Project start: July 2023
  • Funding body: FFG