Cooperation with Logistikum FHOÖ – Foundation for safe, automated and networked freight transport in Upper Austria

Since the beginning of the test region, the "Logistikum" of the FHOÖ has been conducting research together with Digitrans in various research projects and test fields in order to be able to further develop safe, automated and networked freight transport in a targeted manner.

After the decisive exploratory phase of the Digitrans test region and the positive funding decision by the FFGand the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology in 2018, the partnership with the Upper Austrian University of Applied Sciences was further strengthened by the participation as shareholder of the newly founded DigiTrans GmbH. Since then, the “Logistikum” of the Upper Austrian University of Applied Sciences has been supporting the establishment and operation of the test region in order to advance and further develop future-oriented research and development projects in the field of connected and automated freight transport.

Development of test fields for automated freight transport in public transport as a thematic focus

The focus of the cooperation between Digitrans and the “Logistikum” of the Upper Austrian University of Applied Sciences is currently on the development of a test field for automated freight transport and automated driving in the central region of Upper Austria. The project, called “Test Field North”, is to be further developed on an ongoing basis over the next few years together with ASFINAG and the “Logistikum” of the Upper Austrian University of Applied Sciences as well as other technology partners.

In the first project phase, the selective expansion of individual traffic-relevant locations will begin. The “Logistikum” of the Upper Austrian University of Applied Sciences supports the project already in the initial phase with the preparation of a business field analysis as well as the development of an innovative operating concept. Furthermore, joint research is being conducted on the setup and construction planning of infrastructure and sensors, and concepts are being developed for the further expansion and sustainable use of the test field.



The people behind the cooperation and the project “Testfield North”:
FH Prof. Mag. Dr. Wolfgang Schildorfer and FH Prof. Mag.Dr. Matthias Neubauer © DigiTrans GmbH

„As early as the exploratory phase of Digitrans, we saw the added value of a test field for automated driving in freight transport and played an active role in shaping it. With the implementation of the “Test Field North” sub-project, this added value is being put into practice in concrete terms. For us, this means that we can measure the effects of automated driving in the context of freight transport in a real environment and derive the impact for business, politics, science and society from this.

Mag. Dr. Wolfgang Schildorfer, Professor for Transport Logistics & Mobility, Logistikum FH OÖ

Portrait Wolfgang Schildorfer FHOOE

About the Test Field North - the future vision of automated freight transport in Upper Austria

In the future, the “Test Field North” will make it possible to test communications equipment for automated and connected driving with a focus on freight mobility in real-life operations in Upper Austria. The developments and research at the “Test Field North” are intended to create a stable basis in Upper Austria for safe, weather-independent automated driving and automated freight transport. The planned route of the test field, starting from the highway junction in Ansfelden near Linz, runs along the city highway (“Mühlkreisautobahn” A7) to the “Bindermichl” tunnel. The further course of the route is to lead via the “Wienerstraße” exit onto “Wankmüllerhofstraße” in the direction of “Ebelsberg”. In Asten, the route rejoins the A1 highway network in the direction of Linz / Salzburg.

Testfeld Nord-Karte-Streckenverlauf

Planned routes at the Testfield North © DigiTrans GmbH

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