Environmentally friendly mobility – Digitrans participates in (e-) car sharing “tim

Uncomplicated and sustainable mobility without your own car. Digitrans also uses the (e-) car sharing offer from tim. (daily.intelligent.mobile)

Be mobile in an uncomplicated and sustainable way without your own car: That is the goal of tim, the multimodal mobility service in Linz. At so-called nodes, customers have flexible access to (e-)car sharing in addition to the existing public transport services.

The future-oriented and environmentally friendly sharing service not only offers private individuals an alternative to their own cars, but is also an ideal companion for companies in their day-to-day business mobility.

Nine tim locations are now available in the city of Linz and one in the city of Leonding. For companies, tim means being able to use mobility individually and flexibly without having to tie themselves down to a vehicle. This means that companies do not need their own fleet of company cars.

For Digitrans, sustainability was a decision criteria for tim useage

For Digitrans, the issue of sustainability in particular plays a central role in the choice of tim: The team around managing director DI Eva Tatschl-Unterberger, MBA is very happy to use the tim services and especially the location in the Grüne Mitte, in the immediate vicinity of the company headquarters.

Due to the use of tim, Digitrans does not have its own vehicle fleet. Many employees travel to the company location by public transport and then choose tim services for business trips to locations away from public transport routes.

Eva Tatschl-Unterbeger und und Linz Ag Vorstandsdirektorin Jutta Rinner vor dem Digitrans Office

 CEO of Digitrans GmbH, DI Eva Tatschl-Unterberger, MBA (right) is very happy to use the tim services for her company, in the photo with LINZ AG board director Dr.in Jutta Rinner. © LINZ AG / Fotokerschi

Sustainable development of mobility is a major priority at Digitrans. In addition to our work on the automated and sustainable mobility of the future, we are also striving to reduce our own ecological footprint. This is also how the cooperation with tim of LINZ AG LINIEN came to life. Through tim, we are able to use car sharing for business trips. We are pleased to be able to make a contribution to the mobility transformation.

DI Eva Tatschl-Unterbeger MBA / CEO DigiTrans GmbH

Digitrans-CEO Eva Tatschl Unterberger

About tim-Linz - a service of LINZ AG LINIEN

A mobility hub that, in addition to the existing public transport services, also offers bicycle parking, stationary (e-)car sharing, public e-charging stations and a rental car for longer trips:

That’s tim – intelligent mobility every day. A mobility service of LINZ AG LINIEN, which will be offered in addition to public transport in Linz since fall 2019.

The aim of the multimodal mobility concept is to combine public and individual transport and make it easier to do without a (second) car. At the tim nodes, passengers can combine streetcars or buses with (e-)car sharing cars or rental cars, for example.

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