Project RIAMO – rural communities enabled for integrated automated mobility

Project RIAMO - rural communities Enabled for integrated automated mobility

Rural regions usually have very poor transport connections, which means that residents do not have the opportunity to travel by public transport and always have to resort to the car.
The “RIAMO” project is designed to help with this problem: It involves the implementation of an efficient, automated on-demand shuttle service as part of a grant project. Accordingly, it is intended to provide residents of rural areas with better access to the higher-ranking public transport network.

Project content

In the course of the project, a mobility concept for the use of regional automated shuttles will be developed based on a requirements analysis, which will then be demonstrated in real operation. Different stops in the communities will be defined and the automated vehicle will drive to the desired stop on demand via app. In this way, only those stops are canvassed where someone can actually be found. This will avoid empty runs and reduce the time passengers have to spend on the road. Finally, a roadmap and a concept for a nationwide roll-out will be developed.

Currently, two real-life trials are planned in the project. One of them is in Asten/St. Florian (train station Asten – business construction area St. Florian and is to be implemented in spring 2025.

Which municipality will be selected for the second real trial in the fall of 2024 is currently still open. The demo operation will last approximately two months and will be carried out with our fully automated test vehicle eVAN. In addition, an automated charging solution will be deployed in the course of the project.

Digitrans eVAN test vehicle

The Digitrans eVAN is a roadworthy test vehicle with e-drive for automated driving with localization and route planning. It was converted from an ordinary VW e-Crafter to a fully automated test vehicle. The eVAN offers space for six passengers.

Advantages and benefits for companies

Why should companies participate in this project?

The project creates an additional service for the employees. This increases the motivation and satisfaction of the employees because they feel valued and supported.

Which company can claim that their employees are brought to and from work by an automated vehicle? The company can therefore rightly call itself a modern and innovative company and position itself as such.

Due to the improved connection, the number of individual car trips is reduced. In addition, the vehicle only drives when there is a real need, thus avoiding empty runs

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